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Lesser Known Methods You Can Do to Increase Traffic

Regardless of the level of traffic that your website is already enjoying right now, you should keep on adding new strategies to your campaign list in order to add more traffic to your site. Otherwise, your business will become stagnant, and so are your profits.

You may already have effective methods in place, but you should not be contented with your success. Instead, aim higher and your income will soar, as well. Therefore, create a list of traffic generation strategies and sort the ones you are currently implementing from the methods you have not done yet. Try other methods of getting web traffic and learn the new and trending strategies. Here are some of them to get things rolling.

Infographics Marketing

A trending marketing technique today is infographics marketing, which is enjoying rising popularity among web viewers and information seekers. Infographics are artistic representations of hard facts and statistics. Many love infographics not only for their unique and gorgeous designs but the data and facts are easier to comprehend rather than analyzing tables and graphs.

Sometimes, you will already get the whole message by just viewing the infographic without reading long posts. Because of the significant savings in time and utmost viewing convenience, infographics are now more preferred than reading long and dull articles.

Podcast Marketing

If you are doing article marketing, then podcast marketing will become easier. Convert your articles, particularly the popular ones, into podcasts and distribute them to top podcasting directories. By doing this, you will add more traffic to your site with minimal efforts and costs because you are using your existing articles to launch this campaign. However, it is still better to create fresh and unique contents for your podcasts.

EBook Marketing

Another twist to your existing articles is ebook marketing. Aside from converting your articles into podcasts, you can convert them into eBooks. There are programs that automatically switch your articles into eBooks with just a few clicks, making the process quick and easy.

Just like articles and podcasts, there are also several eBook directories you can turn to for fast distribution of your ebooks. This will further reinforce your web traffic, thereby giving you some extra miles.

Buy Traffic

Buying traffic is nothing new. In fact, this is quite rampant in the past, and up to now this is still widely used by many online marketers. However, many webmasters are drawn back from purchasing website hits due to the tainted reputation marred by massive fraud in the industry.

While it is true that some paid traffic providers are involved in traffic fraud, there are a few genuine firms with legitimate offers such as  web traffic service.  In fact, several top companies and famous brands are buying traffic to boost their page views and to increase their popularity online. This is one of the success ingredients of some successful marketers.

Blog Commenting

Many people are aware of blog commenting for marketing, but only a few are doing it. This is because blog commenting is also tarnished with bad image due to the rampant spam. While there are many spam comments generated by bots, commenting still works if done right.

To do it right, post comments only in popular and high PR blogs. Most of them are moderated and only genuine comments are published. Therefore, insert insightful and genuine comments in popular blog posts with many page views and you will be able to redirect some of the traffic to your blog.

The above traffic generation methods are just the tip of the iceberg. There are still more techniques, or you can formulate unique strategies suitable to your business. The main point is to keep on adding new methods every now and then, and your business will start to grow exponentially over time.